Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fall Enrollments Due

Don't forget that fall enrollments are due, in our office, by September 2nd, 2011. If you are unable to meet that deadline, please contact me or Kristin to file an enrollment extension. The extension would give you four additional weeks to submit enrollments, making your extended deadline September 30th, 2011.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Teacher In-Service Training

Hello everyone!
We have officially mailed out the registration packets for the upcoming training. Since so many of you are still out for the summer, we mailed them to your home addresses. Please be on the lookout for it and RSVP by July 20th. Below is a copy of the letter included in the packets. Contact me if you have any questions.
It is once again time for our annual in-service training for dual credit teachers and facilitators. This training presents a great opportunity to learn -or refresh on- program details, receive professional development, meet with the department liaisons, and give you a smooth start to the upcoming school year.

This year’s training will be on August 9th from 9:30 to 4:00 pm. All attendees, who are not under contract with their school at the time of training, will receive a $150 stipend. Those under contract will receive mileage reimbursement for attending. Payments will be processed within seven business days.

UCM’s current accreditation efforts require that this training is mandatory for all dual credit teachers. If you are unable to attend, you must arrange for a personal meeting with me before the school year begins or you will not be able to teach for us in the fall. Please RSVP by July 20th, 2011.

In order to expedite your registration process on training day, we ask that you bring the following:
• 2011-2012 Call for Classes Form (enclosed)
• 2011-2012 High School Calendar
• Memorandum of Understanding –must be signed by school principal (enclosed)
• Teacher Survey (enclosed)

We will be meeting on the UCM campus, Ward Edwards building, room 2000. Parking permits will not be required, but parking will be limited to only student lots #67 and #26. A campus map is enclosed for your convenience. Please be sure to park only in the highlighted areas as tickets will be issued to those parking outside of those areas.

We look forward to seeing you at the training. Please contact me if you have any questions or need assistance.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blackboard Training

Blackboard training this year will be on June 8th and 9th. The first day will be for beginners and the next day will be for more advanced users. Lunch will be provided and $100 stipend will be paid to participants.

Sign-up forms have been sent out to all schools so please be sure to send those back to us by the deadline. Hope to see you there!

Changes in the Program

I am moving to a part-time position and effective immediately, Sandy Cruz is assuming the day-to-day duties of the dual credit program. Questions concerning the program should be addressed to her at or 660-543-8718.
Effective with the 2011-12 school year, the dual credit program will no longer provide textbooks.  Current textbooks will be available for purchase at either 50% or 25% of the original cost depending when the books were originally purchased.  Any text you currently have onsite and do not wish to purchase, must be returned to the dual credit office by June 1, 2011.  Contact Brenda Wilson,, for instructions on how to return the books or how to purchase those currently onsite or in storage in the dual credit office (a list is attached). 
To compensate for the textbook change, tuition will be lowered from $100/credit hour to just $85/credit hour.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Students Dropping

Students that have enrolled in class but wish to drop have until October 15th to drop without penalty. After that date they may drop but tuition will not be refunded.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


All students in dual credit classes for fall semester were mailed letters to their home address with their login and password. With this information they can login to MyCentral to pay their bill. They also should have received a paper bill form the University. Questions about tuition should e directed to Student Financial Services 660-543-8266 or 877-729-8266 ext. 4

Roster Verification and Textbook Usage Forms

These forms will be mailed September 30th for all Fall classes. Please verify the information requested and return the Roster Verification form by October 15th and the Textbook Usage form by October 22nd.